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About Shimur Publications

Shimur Publications is an international Open access publisher of science, technology and medicine and is established with a strategy to build up a dependable stage and to give unhindered access to scientific writings for quick dispersal of latest updates in different orders of science and innovation. Readers can approach with no expense and avail the facility to improve their logical comprehension in the significant subjects.

Scientific researchers, Faculty employees and academicians of different Scientific fields are welcome to present their new researches as original manuscripts which will experience quality check before being accepted for publications. Shimur Publications will encourage the promotion of published articles across the world through various online platforms following the open access guidelines.

Dependable source for logical Scientific information, resources and direction has been the need of the hours for mainstream Scientific researchers which is been satisfied by the Publishers. This stage with a sole aim of giving the most believed experimentally genuine data is propelled to help the most recent reasoned scientific activities. The maxim of the Open Access Journals is to advance impeccable, unprejudiced research data and information, by keeping up all things transparent and following the effectively laid worldwide publishing standard.

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To promote and circulate academic awareness through the publication of high quality research articles using the open access model.

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  • Published articles are easy to find on google scholar
  • Publication of quality research Articles
  • Shorter reviewing and publishing time
  • Promotion of research value
  • Recognition and Acceptance of Research Work
  • Publication based on the Peer Review model